Office Supplies

Meet the new rival to the office whiteboard, red dot design award winning magnetic glass boards.

Laminating is used to protect paper from damage by surrounding it in plastic. There are lots of ways to do this however, this article aims to help you choose the right laminator for you.

Advice and tips on running your business from home.

Made from recycled newspaper, smencils are the world's only scented pencils.

Flipchart easels are a low cost and effective presenting tool which can also be used to great effect in brainstorming sessions.

Envelopes come in many different shapes and sizes, make sure your business is properly equipped with this handy guide.

Great advice on running a brainstorming session to ensure you get the most out of the meeting

C4 envelopes have a number of different features to suit specific mailing requirements, this handy guide will walk you through what's available.

Choosing the right business structure is one of the first big decisions to make when setting up your company, this quick guide will you make the right choice.

Magnetic glass boards are great new product which are designed to work in a similar way to a standard office whiteboard.